Hanzoku: Rebels of Convention
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About This Project

  • Harajuku is a mecca for artists, independent spirits, and burgeoning fashion trends that provides a space of free expression in what is ordinarily a rather conservative Japanese culture. But Japanese fashion isn’t afraid to take it one step further by dressing up in costume is seen as a major element of fashion, so no-one will bat an eyelid at a girl wearing a plastic fried egg around her neck as a fashion statement.
  • Hanzoku: Rebels of Convention is a proposed exhibition for the Honolulu of Museum of Art. Hanzoku plans to showcase and explore the history and subcultures of Harajuku fashion. Hanzoku, Japanese for rebel or resistance to convention, will showcase subcultures with a focus on decora, lolita, and genderless kei styles.
  • Design objectives included designing an invite, save the date, RSVP, badges, app, social media, and a package. The colors used take inspiration from all the color that is seen within Harajuku. The fold for the invite represents going against what would be a convention fold and really pushing for something unique and different. The collaging within the design represents the “controlled” chaos and many layers that are seen in a lot of Japanese fashion styles.

Exhibition Proposal: Hanzoku: Rebels of Convention