Koinobori: Koi-gami
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About This Project

  • Koinobori, meaning “carp streamer” in Japanese, are carp-shaped windsocks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate a traditional calendrical event Tango no Sekku (Children’s Day).
  • Department partner Tokyo Midtown has invited artists to participate in their annual koinobori event where artists and designers compete to have their designers printed into 80 unique koinobori and displayed in Tokyo (and later another city in Europe). Original carp streamers designed by creators and designers will be displayed in a park setting, during the “OPEN THE PARK” event that will take place in the Golden Week holidays.
  • Design objectives included designing a large scale 2 meter (6.5 ft) koinobori. The koinobori was designed around the theme of “wish for the healthy growth of children.”
  • The design focuses on the Japanese art of origami or paper folding. The design mimics the look of Chiyogami paper with the use of floral patterns and gold outlines. The koinobori’s overall theme is luck, happiness, and longevity represented by the carps, cranes, and flowers. The crane is the “bird of happiness” and represents one’s wishes to come true.
  • More information about the event can be found here: Tokyo Midtown Website

Koinobori: Koi-gami