Oral History: A New Beginning
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About This Project

  • Kar​ Chabphtaem​ Thmei​ Muoy, Khmer for “A New Beginning”, is an oral history book consisting of interviews with Kelly Norn’s Cambodian parents Nath Norn and Eth Norn, as well as her Cambodian (Khmer) language professor Chhany Sak-Humphrey.
  • A New Beginning takes the shape of a lotus flower when opened. The lotus flower is associated with the idea of renewal and rebirth. The book is two-sided and can be read from either side. One side is the “Cambodian” side, Kar​ Chabphtaem​ Thmei​ Muoy, which talks about the three days of the Cambodian New Years. While the “American” side, a New Beginning, talks about the three interviewees journeys from being refugees and immigrants to American citizens.

Oral History Book: A New Beginning