Graphic Designer Based in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.
Aloha! I'm Kelly. Welcome to my portfolio. I hope you're having an amazing day and enjoy your stay here! Whenever you're ready, feel free to click the button below to view some of my best work.
Fintastic Friends
Fintastic Friends was created when I combined my love for sharks and want to showcase them in a better light. Sharks often get a bad rep for being man-eating vicious creatures. I wanted to be able to create cute and adorable art to combat their negative image. 

I was always fascinated by the ocean and sea life in general, but even more so when I moved to Oahu, Hawai`i in 2007. I want to be able to help where I can, so that's why I'm donating 10% of my profit to organizations for ocean conservation.
Role: Owner, Designer, Photographer
Elizabeth Mott Website
Innovative, high-performance formulas in products that are fun to use whether you are a makeup pro, a product junkie, special-occasioner (or someone in between). Elizabeth Mott is here to support you with instructions on every package and excellent customer service. 
Role: Art Direction, Lead Designer, Web and Interface Designer
Puzzle Posse
Puzzle Posse aims to pull you into imaginative and challenging new worlds through puzzling. Their modern puzzles are a great way to reconnect with your own mind, and enjoy some much needed fun and quality time with family and friends. 
Role: Logo Designer, Amazon Asset Designer
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