Hanzoku Proposed Exhibition 
Hanzoku: Rebels of Convention is a proposed exhibition for the Honolulu Museum of Art. Hanzoku, Japanese for rebel or resistance to convention, represents fashion subcultures with a focus on decora, lolita, and genderless kei styles. Harajuku is a mecca for artists, independent spirits, and burgeoning fashion trends that provide a space of free expression in what is ordinarily a rather conservative Japanese culture. 
Client: Honolulu Museum of Art
Year: 2018 
About This Project
Creating an invitation and event materials for an exhibition of choice. Collateral materials include an invitation, save the dave, event badges, and a mobile app. 
Key words:
• Expression
• Collage
• Bright
• Art Direction 
• Branding 
• Illustration Design

Mobile App and Snapchat Filter
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