Tokyo Midtown Koinobori 
Department partner Tokyo Midtown invited artists to participate in their annual Koinobori carp-shaped windsocks traditionally flown in Japan to celebrate their national holiday, Tango no Sekku (Children’s Day). Original carp streamers designed by creators and designers were displayed in a park setting, during the “OPEN THE PARK” event that took place in the Golden Week holiday. The theme of the outdoor exhibition in which the Koinobori were displayed was “with for the healthy growth of children.”
Client: Tokyo Midtown Koinobori
Year: 2019 
About This Project
• Create a Koinobori design to be flown in Japan during Tokyo Midtown's Children's Day Event 
Key words:
• Origami
• Chiyogami (floral patterns and gold outlines)
• Luck, Happiness
• Illustration Design

Koinobori Illustrations
Tokyo Midtown Event
Hawaii State Art Museum Exhibition
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